Rooftop Solar and Solar Carports

IPOWER Alliance designs solar solutions that maximize your opportunities for energy independence and financial returns.


POWER Demand Controls and Battery Storage

Managing demand to reduce the utility bills and provide more efficiency in the building is key for maximizing return on investment for a project.  IPOWER Alliance is a leader in providing these solutions to our customers.

 Efficiency and LEDs

There are many energy efficiency measures that can help a business or organization save money and switching to LEDs is one of the first things to look at.  There are four advantages to LEDs:

  • Advantage #1:  LEDs use 50-75% less electricity than traditional lighting
  • Advantage #2:  LEDs last 10 times longer than traditional lighting technologies, and 5 times longer than fluorescent tubes
  • Advantage #3:  LEDs provide a dramatically better quality of light compared to traditional lighting
  • Advantage #4:  LEDs help the environment by reducing harmful emissions and the disposal of used traditional bulbs, many of which contain toxic substances

Finally, if you size solar based on the building energy usage before energy efficiency, then you could run the risk of significantly over sizing the system.

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