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Thoughtfully designed, integrated Solar, Resiliency, and Hail solutions for Car Dealerships.

IPOWER Alliance provides the most effective solar-integrated hail protection solutions available.

Solar Power
Hail Protection
EV Charging Stations
Backup & Storage
Intelligent Management


Save money with clean and resilient energy, and protect more vehicles from hail, sun, rain and snow.
IPOWER carport solutions will work for any business where vehicles are exposed to the elements in a large parking lot.

Our Customers are in the Driver's Seat

Govt and Non-Profits

We specialize in dealing with all the tax issues involved with not for profit organizations and help facilitate grants and funding for successful projects.


Car Dealers and Other Businesses

IPOWER Alliance works with businesses (such as auto dealerships) who want to get the greatest return on their investment on their own facility.


Solar Companies

We work with Solar Installers across the country to help them implement Intelligent Power Projects through consulting and products support.

IPOWER Alliance is based in the Colorado Front Range, serving customers across North America. Any location with a large parking lot is a candidate for our free feasibility analysis. Get Started today or Contact Us for questions and discussion.

Solar Energy

We design modern renewable energy systems by leveraging best-of-breed products and installers across the country to create the right PV solution that will maximize the potential of your site.

Energy Efficiency

Our intelligent energy efficiency and LED retrofits, along with our proprietary demand reduction solutions, will maximize the value of your solar project and save you the most money possible on your utility bill.


If you aren't in a position to invest in your own retrofit, we have multiple financing options that will help you to implement your intelligent power project at a cost equal to or less than you are paying now for electricity from coal.

Questions about getting started? Drop us a line to find out more!

Our adaptive Sol Ecosystem maximizes your savings in a simple and efficient package.  We are the one-stop solution for all your energy, resilience, and construction needs.

We integrate modern vehicle carport structures with renewable solar power, battery storage, and intelligent building controls. IPOWER Alliance will assemble the most affordable energy packages to facilitate a transition to clean, secure, and free renewable energy.

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