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GREELEY — Ehrlich Toyota of Greeley will use IPOWER Alliance of Lyons and L4 Construction of Greeley to retrofit the dealership’s energy system with a 368 kilowatt custom solar carport, LED retrofit, energy management system and battery backup. The result: The dealership will generate enough power for its purposes and return some to the grid.

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IPOWER Alliance creates the most affordable (and profitable) energy packages for new car dealers, businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations to facilitate the transition to clean, secure, and free renewable energy.

Intelligent Power Projects

IPOWER Alliance integrates the most profitable asset protection, renewable energy, energy efficiency, battery storage and load controls with affordable financing to make transitioning to clean and resilient energy possible for more businesses and organizations.


We design the best renewable energy systems possible for your business or organization.  We work with the finest products and installers across the country to get you the right system to meet your unique needs.


Our intelligent energy efficiency and LED retrofits, along with our proprietary demand reduction solutions, will maximize the value of your solar project and save you the most money possible on your utility bill.


If you aren't in a position to invest in your own retrofit, we have multiple financing options that will help you to implement your intelligent power project equal to or less than you are paying now for electricity from coal.


IPOWER Alliance is based in the Colorado Front Range, serving customers across North America.


New Car Dealers and Other Businesses

IPOWER Alliance works with businesses (such as auto dealerships) who want to get the greatest return on their investment on their own facility.


Govt and Non-Profits

We specialize in dealing with all the tax issues involved with not for profit organizations and help facilitate grants and funding for successful projects.


Faith Communities

We help faith communities who want to demonstrate their environmental values to implement intelligent and affordable renewable energy and efficiency projects.


Solar Companies

We work with Solar Installers across the country to help them implement Intelligent Power Projects through consulting and products support.

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